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So You Want To Become a Hacker

image credit: Ton MJ/FlickrThere has been a lot of coverage in the press over the past couple of years about hackers (particularly the illegal and malicious exploits associated with them). However, being a "hacker" doesn't really mean that at all. A Hacker is a person who takes a lot of interest in manipulating technology to bend to their will. The malicious and illegal activity the media talks about refers to "crackers" or "script kiddies". That said, if you want to become a hacker, there are a lot of resources available these days that were not available years ago, particularly via the internet. An excellent resource to get you started is Eric S. Raymond's essay "How To Become A Hacker". It is filled with exceptional advice and guidance. So if you are ready to dive into the world of hacking, check out this website: "How to Become A Hacker".





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